Denying self – to follow Him and serve others

Over the past year God has been working in my life to teach me things about my relationship with Him.  So much of my time has been all about me but God has shown me and is teaching me that joy and peace and pleasure in life is more about my time with and focus on Him than it is on me!

He has been teaching me that as a believer, being in His presence is a truly rewarding and exciting place to be.  But the only way I can be in His presence is to not only believe in Him but to follow Him.  God has no responsibility to follow me but He does require that I follow Him (Luke 9:23).  To follow Him, I must deny myself, take up my cross  daily and follow Him.  I am learning everyday that God wants me to follow Him and to come into His presence.

I am trying to study this year to understand better what it means to deny myself and follow Christ.  To deny myself means that my focus must be on Him and His purpose and His purpose always seems to be meeting the needs of others – that is what we continually see Christ doing while He was here on earth.  I see going to Brazil as a step in the process of learning to deny myself, follow Him and serve others.

I am thankful that God has been teaching me and has made this opportunity available to me.