Go, Tell and Teach…

Since first hearing our Pastor’s report on his trip to Brazil last year, and in response to the suggestion that we as a church should organize a group to go and see the mission work being done on our behalf, I started praying that the Lord would make it possible for me to go as part of that group. I’m humbled to say, that God has made my prayer a reality!

What I look forward to the most is sharing with others what God has done in my life. Only God can change a life (John 15:5b …without me ye can do nothing). Yes, I know and expect that the people of Brazil are different. Their culture is different, their language is different, and their country is different. However, the things that make us all human are the same. They are saddened by death, children that go into drugs, divorce, unrealized dreams…you name it! The things that make us all have heavy hearts are the same… Jesus is the answer to all of those, and they need to hear it, and I need to tell them (Matt. 11:24 Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.)

I am really looking forward to the opportunity to Go, Tell and Teach…and we might just build something while we are there!

I’m praying that God will use this trip to put a renewed vision for missions in my life!