At First Baptist Church, we believe that all Christians should be involved in discipleship (helping others follow Jesus Christ).  For this purpose, we have established two programs to facilitate discipleship in the church.

“First Steps for New Believers” is a discipleship program that occurs on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:15.  It is a one-on-one meeting held in a quiet classroom setting, in which a mature believer takes a new believer through a 13-week curriculum discussing the basics of biblical Christianity.  There is a lot of opportunity for Q&A and practical advice for successful Christian living.

The Mutual Discipleship program is for any regular attender that wants to increase the level of accountability and Christian fellowship in their life.  The weekly one-hour meetings consist of a book-study, focusing on one of several key topics of interest for growing Christians.  These private one-on-one discipleship meetings occur on non-service nights and last from 13 to 15 weeks.  Materials are free to participants as long as they complete the study.  “Disciplees” can choose their own “discipler” or can opt to be assigned a discipler by the church staff.

Regular attenders can sign up for either of these programs in the church office or by emailing Pastor Stille.