Go Reach Our World!  Our GROW outreach program is a fun way to get involved in evangelism and outreach.  It is designed for families to participate together and is focused on fellowship.

There are four GROW teams: G, R, O, and W.  Each team is scheduled for no more than one outing each month on Thursday nights at 7:00 (schedule is on the church calendar).

Our goal is to visit every home in the city of Wixom every year!  During Daylight Savings months, the GROW teams go door-to-door with something for each of our neighbors. Usually, this is church information and a small gift.  Teams are encouraged to show the love of Christ to our community and to give them a friendly invite to our services at FBCW.  Many team-members choose to use this time as an opportunity for gospel witness as well, talking to as many people as they can.  Some simply leave the information on as many doors as they can get to in an hour.  It is a fun way for families to get out and exercise together while sharing the good news of salvation with our community!

During the winter months, GROW teams are usually combined for a visitation activity once each month.  These activities may include writing letters to recent guests at FBCW, making phone calls to or visiting our shut-ins, singing at local nursing homes, Christmas caroling, etc.

GROW nights always end with a time of snacks and fellowship in the church cafe from 8:15-8:30.

Don’t miss out on this exciting way to help fulfill the Great Commission!

Come GROW with us!