Ministry that costs nothing, accomplishes nothing.

I decided to go on the Brazilian missions trip, as I have always wanted to go on a foreign missions trip. When the opportunity to go to Brazil came up, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

As an American, it is so easy to get caught up in our “comfortable” way of living, with little thought of how the rest of the world lives. It is also easy to forget that there is a lost world out there facing the prospect of a Christ-less eternity. I hope this trip will impact my life by increasing my heart for missions and my desire to spread the Gospel.

I recently heard a song sung in church that convicted my heart. The song discusses how the Father sadly says “My house is full, but my fields are empty” (Luke 10:2). I love our church and fellowshipping with other believers.  But the time has come to “push away from the table,” as the song says, and try to reach out to the lost. It has been said that “ministry that costs nothing, accomplishes nothing.” And I want God to accomplish something great on this trip.

During the trip, I hope to be an encouragement to the Coelho family as well as the fellow members of the team. I also hope to be able to have a chance to share the Gospel with the people down there.

When I return from the trip, I hope to be able to encourage the church family by sharing our experiences from Brazil and sharing how God is working in another part of the world.