Mission’s Conference

The theme for this year’s conference is “Go YE…making missions personal”.  We have been working very hard to not only make people more aware of their responsibility to reach the lost in their circle of influence, but also to ENGAGE better with their missionaries around the world.  By “making missions personal”, I mean connecting with missionaries in a REAL way rather than just writing a check and praying for the missionary of the week.  I will do something during each service to emphasize this theme.



Sunday – 3/15

9:45 AM – Brian Trainer – Combined Sunday School

10:45 AM – Brad Stille (Conference warm-up)

10:45 AM – Brian Trainer

2:00 PM – Brian Trainer

Monday – 3/16

7:00 PM – David Wears (present field, video, testimony, Q&A, preaching)

Tuesday – 3/17

7:00 PM – Don Dillman (present field, video, testimony, Q&A, preaching)

Wednesday – 3/18

7:00 – Roberto Coelho (present field, video, testimony, Q&A, preaching)